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Who I Am:
wife | mother | blogger | cancer fighter | hair stylist | homemaker | lover of beauty | lover of God

What This Site Is About:
organization | simplicity | healthy eating | slow living | homemaking | beauty | spirituality 

~ my quest to be present in each moment, 
learning from yesterday and living simply in the NEW!

Welcome to the New, New Nostalgia!  

Along with a new blog design, comes a new tagline.  Before, it was "My quest to recapture the simplicity of yesterday and apply it to today." Well, that just does not cut it anymore.  I still love simplicity, but I am no longer on a quest for it.  

Instead, I am on a quest to LIVE!

To apply what I have learned from the past and remember that I have been made NEW!  

How to live new on a daily basis, in all those little moments that add up and create a simple and meaningful LIFE.

Yes, living simply is part of that, but only a piece.

Cancer has changed me.

I am a completely different person than I used to be.

I am finding that what is important to me now, 
and how I want to spend my energy and time is different than before.  

Much of that energy and many of my posts will be on how I pursue health in every way:
 spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically.  

Because my focus is different than before, there has been change to my writing.  My posts are deeper, and at times, heavier.  But at other times, a silly lightness has also come with the awareness that life on this earth is short. I will share the small, simple things that bring joy and make up life-- the tidbits that I want recorded for the future. 

Come with me as I take advantage of this new outlook, striving for the simple life which allows one to be present in the moments, knowing that we never know how many of those precious moments we have left.

The Best Of New Nostalgia:

My husband of 16 years, Todd.
Todd is a regular contributor.  He writes the series, Purposeful Living.  He is a man who not only writes about living purposefully, but lives his life that way every day.  How did I get to be so lucky?

My 3 girls, age 13, 11 & 9
You will see them pop up from time to time.  They are my lovelies.  They are my heart.  They bring so much joy to the moments that at times I think I could burst!  This blog is a journal, words of mine often written with them in mind, just in case I ever leave this world behind.

I try hard to use ingredients that have been around awhile, before processed "food" came about. Simple and healthful is my goal.  You will see a shift in my recipes, as I have embraced an 80% plant based diet.  I no longer eat meat, (other than fish) but I still make it occasionally for my family, so there will see recipes of all types here at New Nostalgia

simplify button
Organize & Simplify
Organizing and Simplifying seem to be on everyones mind.  In our house, routines and charts are key! I chuckle to myself when reading this one, if you could only see the state of my house right now!  But, usually I see the progress and order that making routines a priority brings.

Diagnosed August 2010 with Stage 3b Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, I coped by writing quite honestly and candidly, and my readers buckled down and were by my side through the whole ride.  Here is a taste of some of those posts, yet for me, the most precious is seeing the comments from all of you under each of these posts, such amazing support and love.  For more, see my 'cancer story' & 'caring bridge' category buttons in my sidebar.

I am a hairstylist turned full time homemaker turned blogger, so the creative in me loves to find beauty in everything.  I like to explore beauty, without spending a fortune doing it.  I also love to find ways to make beauty more healthy, without all the typical parabens and chemicals.

captured life 2
Oh, to have this one figured out.  I love being a mom.  I do my best, but have much to learn!  My prayer is that I will never stop growing as I explore this thing called motherhood.  I post as I go, sharing the things I discover that help me in this amazing job called "MOM."

healthy living 2
I've always tried to embrace a healthy lifestyle, but got super serious about it after my cancer diagnosis.  Here are a few ways I have embraced a more healthy lifestyle.

crafts 2
Again, I love to create, and so do my 3 girls (age 13, 11 & 9). 
Here are some of the things we have done together.

homemaking 2
A job I take very seriously.  We have such power as moms to create an environment to (as my joy post said) hurt or heal.  I desire home to be a place where my family can come and be fully who they are, and to heal from what life brings. This, to me, makes home environment so important!

spiritual 2
It is THE thread that holds all of who I am together, it affects all that I do, because He IS.

 It is a once a week place where you and I can get things done together!
 I would love to have you link up or leave a comment!


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  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to say thank you. I just stumbled upon your blog via pinterest (natural moisturizer recipe) and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have found this. It's rare you find a natural living blog that is also from a Christian woman. I am so excited read through all of this. Be well and may God bless you.

    Love Bethany

    1. Hi Momma Fox Bethany!
      You are so welcome. So happy you found us and all the things we have in common!

  2. Good Morning,

    I found your blog via pinterest and have been sitting here soaking up some of your story and the blessing of your testimony of God's provision in your life. Thank you for sharing how Christ is working in and through you!


  3. I am thrilled beyond expression, Amy. I sent up many prayers for you when you were first diagnosed (I was a new reader of your blog at the time). I haven't visited in over a year, so I lost track of your progress. Today I was looking for a recipe to use up some left over pumpkin, bananas and chocolate chips, and I stumbled upon your blog again. I saw the name and thought, "Why does that sound so familiar?" Then I clicked on your ABout page. (WOW!I almost did a dance for you over here.) I am so thankful today for your testimony. GOD is AMAZING!(Keep living in the now!)

  4. You are so beautiful. What a wonderful blog. What a great way to help others. So happy I found it! bellesbazaar-heather.blogspot.com

  5. Simply put.. I adore you <3
    I was finally going through several of my pins from Pinterest tonight and wouldn't ya know it, three of them were from your blog! That got be browsing your blog, and now I'm a firm believer that you are amazing. I can't believe I've never stumbled upon this before!! Thank you thank you thank you. Keep up the fabulousness ^_^


  6. I just stumbled upon your blog via pinterest (lip balm recipe), thank you for your beautiful and honest pages. i am an aromatherapist (german-brazilian, having lived in ireland for 13 years), wrote 5 books about aromatherapy, just discovered pinterest and looking for nice pics to share on my natural and edible cosmetics board. read most of your sad but strong cancer posts which helps me help those women and families affected by it (essential oils can help a great deal to regain strength, a better immune system and a better emotional balance). i have been promoting deodorants without parabens and aluminium for a few years now to (at least) reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  7. I LOVE your blog. Total accident that I stumbled upon it (pinterest). I look forward to more of your posts.

  8. I found you looking for homemade face lotion recipes--which I am eager to try, by the way. But my jaw dropped when I saw that you also took the Joy Dare! I finished reading 1000 Gifts early December and her words just blessed my heart. I don't think I have ever made a New Year's resolution before, but this year I made one to count 1000 gifts! I look forward to learning more of what you have to offer!

  9. This blog is exactly what i have been looking for, THANK YOU- you are truly and inspiration!!!!

  10. Hi, I just came across your blog when someone posted your strawberry hulling idea (fabulous idea!). I'm so pleased I did because it all is very close to home for me and so much of it is very inline with my thoughts and feelings. I haven't read through all of your cancer journey yet but I just had a mastectomy on 8 Jan after chemo most of last year and I start radiotherapy on 11 Feb and it is such a life changing event - like you I trusted it was for a reason and I put my faith in God. I have been very lucky and had fantastic care and support from friends, family and medical professionals and am so thankful! I really look forward to looking through your whole blog for lots of ideas and inspiration! I'm just trying to start a mainly raw diet at the moment so hopefully I'll get some ideas :-)

  11. Wow! Your blog has drawn me in. Color me inspired and grateful. I'm afraid to move off one page to another post because what if I can't find "that other post I wanted to read". I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time reading about your world in the next few days. Thank you for sharing your powerful testament to life and love. I'm looking forward to joining in.

  12. I just found you via Facebook....I'm anxious to go home this evening and read a little more about you. The snippets I just read really speak to me and the way I feel about family, life, love, and God.

  13. Wow, your blog is wonderful ! Just wanted to send God's blessings to you and your adorable family ! greetings from south of France :)


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