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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hummus Sandwich Heaven

This amazing hummus sandwich is brought to you by a guest of mine that I'm really excited for you to meet.  It is not just any ol' sandwich, it has creamy hummus and crunchy green apple and chewy dried cranberries oh yum...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let me introduce you to the maker of the beauty--Kasey of In Kase You Were Wondering.  Kasey and I are "in real life" friends, meaning, I know her in real life, not just a cyber relationship. What is funny is, most of our friendship has been built online! We know a lot of the same peeps, we go to the same church, she makes amazing food at a coffee shop I love and go to, but I feel I know her heart through what she shares on Facebook and her blog. Usually bloggers need time to 'find their voice,' before their writing really takes off.  Not Kasey. She has a gift to keep things real, to write in her own voice, AND she is one of the few bloggers I know that make me laugh out loud more often than not with her posts.

She is a new blogger, so if you visit her site and like what you see, will you subscribe, like or add your name to her email list? Please? I don't think you will regret it...I love having Kasey in my life and I know you will too!

On to that sandwich...this sandwich came up on my Instagram feed, and my mouth started watering.  When I saw who posted it, I knew I had to know how to make it.  So I made a request, and look what happens when you ask nicely! {and Kasey-- it was no joke! :}


A Guest post by Kasey of In Kase You Were Wondering:

I don't think I've ever blogged about a sandwich before. I don't know why I haven't either, because I LOVE me a good sandwich. But tonight, I had a first...a request (even if it was maybe just a joke) to blog about a delicious sandwich known as (drum roll...) the hummus sandwich. Thanks for the inspiration, Amy! :)

This may be something all you healthy eaters have always known about, but remember I am fairly new to the whole healthy eating gig. My idea of healthy used to be not eating ALL the french fries from McDonalds....that's kind of a joke, but not really. I didn't used to even know what hummus was. Now, I've eaten so much of it that I actually had to take a hummus hiatus...or better known to me as a hummaitus. I'm getting off track here, I can see that...

I make this at the coffee shop I work at and I don't think I'm doing a disservice to the place by sharing with you how it's made. Anyone with eyes can look at their sandwich and identify each ingredient. It's not that hard. But I will say...{click here to continue reading, & for a Hummus Sandwich Heaven how-to}


  1. This sounds totally awesome! I'm heading over to follow Kasey's blog!

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