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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

How To Make a Note Into an Envelope-Perfect For A Back To School Surprise!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

How To Make An Envelope Out Of A Note Using One Piece of Paper

When the great people at AstroBrights papers asked me to come up with a back-to-school project using their awesome paper, I was excited for the challenge and wanted to make it a meaningful one.  

I was super excited when I received the paper in the mail.  I now know why they are unique.  Talk about brilliant colors!  Everything about this paper made me happy, from the simple packaging to the texture and feel of the paper, to the amazing colors.  I was instantly motivated to come up with a fun project.

Astro Brights Paper

Astro Brights Paper

I chose a simple but meaningful project, one that I'm going to use with all 3 of my girls as a back-to-school surprise--an envelope note tucked into their lunch boxes.  I'm even going to include a fun fruit leather in the envelope, a simple and healthy treat.


Here is What You Will Need To Create Your Own Envelope Note:

~One peice of AstroBrights papers

~Crayon or Marker

~A Sticker or Piece of Tape

~A Treat of Your Choice (optional)

Happy First Day Of School Envelope Note

Steps for Making An Envelope Note



1. Take a piece of paper and write your note on the side that will be the inside of the envelope.  Turn the note so the top of the note is on the right.


2. Fold the top two corners into the middle, leaving space at the bottom.


3. Fold the bottom part up so that the edge meets the bottom of the triangles you just made.


4. Fold bottom part up a second time.

Steps To Creating Your Own Envelope Note


5. Fold one side into the middle.


6. Repeat with the other side.


7. Fold the top point down 


8. Use a sticker or a piece of tape to secure.


That is it!  Feel free to stick a little treat in there, a candy Smarties for your "smarty."  Or if you want to keep it sugar free, some school themed stickers.  Your kids will feel loved as they open your surprise envelope note!



AstroBrights papers is giving you the opportunity to support your local elementary school by entering the "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes.  You can win a cash prize and school supplies values at $30,000 for the school of your choice.  Check out the AstroBrights papers on Facebook for the official rules.


You can also participate in the family-friendly "Make Something Astrobright" design challenge and unleash your creativity for a chance to win AstroBrights Paper and other prizes.  Share your projects with pictures and video!  And if you share anything via Pinterest or Twitter please use the hashtag #astrobrights


I'd love to see your creativity, so leave a link in the comments with your ideas for a fun back-to-school paper craft!

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  1. That is so awesome!! :) I wish I knew how to do that when I was in school!!! Ahh, at least my husband will find new surprise notes in his lunch box now!

  2. Gorgeous paper. I actually live in Neenah,WI. The paper is gorgeous....the smell from the plant? Not so much! lol.
    Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to try it so I can leave little notes everywhere.
    I so appreciate your blog. Thanks for writing.

  3. These are so easy steps to follow...i might use these steps when making Gift Card envelopes.thanks you share it.


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