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Thursday, July 12, 2012

How A Sip Of Soda Impacts Your Health

Harmful Soda

I'm a visual person, so when this came up in my Facebook feed, it caught my eye.  We all know soda is bad for you, but this image helped me understand why it is bad.  

I was at the pool with my kids when I first saw this, and they asked for a pop, and this image was enough for me to say NO!  I gave them ice water, they gulped it up & jumped back into the pool.

If your reaction is "but it TASTES good" and you are one that loves fizz, then try this recipe:

This recipe is easy, and will not spike your blood sugar!  Even my kids love it.



  1. Thank you SOOOOO much for posting this!! My husband and I are recently trying very hard to rid our diets of "fake" foods, including soda. But every now and then, I REALLY want that fizz. Root beer is my weakness. But I'm like you, a visual person and this helps me remember why soda is so bad for us. All those chemicals! eww. Now, hopefully this can help my 9 year old too :) And I'm off to check out your recipe for lime soda...

  2. We too avoid sodas but every now and then get one. By the way having lemon or lime water also causes tooth enamel to decay. Its the acid!

  3. I haven't had soda in oh, 20 years maybe? I used to work for an Auto Body shop and I saw what we would sometimes use Soda for and what it would actually do and thats when I I swore it off for good!..

  4. Does Diet Coke have all the same effects?

  5. Oh soda... I know it's bad and I want to cut it out of my diet, but I always find myself reaching for it! I need to hang this picture everywhere so I'm reminded not to touch the stuff for an afternoon pick me up.


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