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Saturday, June 02, 2012

13 Tips & Tricks To Simplify Life

Black sandpaper on top to light matches

Why didn't I think of this?

Tension rod to keep lids in place.

Good use for canning lids.

Hard boiled eggs in the oven?  325 degrees for 25-30 minutes.  Who knew? (no link)
(these have had very mixed reviews, read comments below & on the pin before trying)

Dollar store silverware tray keeps toothbrushes out of a cup and organized. (no link)

Easy & non-toxic way to clean a glass cook- top stove to a shine!

Quick and easy way to peel a kiwi.
Source: mylifeandkids via New on Pinterest

Remove permanent marker from wood floors.

Prohibits roll away dice.

Dry erase boards from white corner tiles. Great food labelers for parties!
Source: twitpic.com via New on Pinterest

Great way to repurpose and close bags.

Keys & Change

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  1. Oh Amy. Sigh. I looked at every one of these and felt stupid for not thinking of them before. Clearly not my gift. I ma amazed by people. Thanks for sharing. Lisa~

  2. I love your blog. Just wanted to let you know, I tried the hard boiled eggs in the oven. They got small burn spots on them, stank up my kitchen, and were hard to peel, not to mention boiling them on the stove is cheaper. I thought it sounded like an easier method and thought I heard they were supposed to be easier to peel. It did not work for me. Chris

    1. I haven't tried baking,But I have tried steaming then and that works great...easy to peel

  3. @The Pennington Point-HI!! I felt the same way. Love what I learn from Pinterest!

    @Anonymous-thanks for your insight! There are pretty mixed comments on the pin itself. Some said it didn't stink up the house, some said it did. Some mentioned light little brown spots where the egg hit the metal that didn't affect the taste, but then it sounds like your spots were actually burned.
    After reading all the comments, I think I will stick to boiling, despite some raving about this method...too hit or miss for me! Thanks again for your thoughts!

  4. Here is the method I am going to use! http://momonamission.me/?p=649#url=http%3A//momonamission.me/%3Fp%3D649

  5. Thanks so much for sharing my pic! Dice rolling has never been better in my class! :)
    Sunny Days In Second Grade


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