Wednesday, April 04, 2012

18 Awesome Easter Ideas

Easy and beautiful table decorations.  You could write names on them and use them as place settings.

These are easy to make and really cute.

My 9 year old would really get into making these.  Embroidery floss dipped in glue, wrapped around anything egg shaped.

A great list for a nice change.

Source: facebook.com via New on Pinterest

Great idea to teach kids the true meaning of Easter.

Easter napkins.

Easter bunny rolls.

Easter Sunday dessert.

It's bread. Bread!  The site is in Chinese, but there are more cute pics.

Source: whattopin.com via New on Pinterest

Cinnabunny easter bunny cinnamon rolls.

Bunny Bait.  Cutest little treat I ever did see!

Bunny nails. So doing this with my girls.  There is no "how-to," the "jenny your world" link take you to a tumblr site. Grr. I will have to figure it out on my own.

Button Easter Egg.

These are so cute, they make me smile. From Tip Junkie, via Southern Living.

I  did this last year with my girls and it was a really special and yummy way to think about Easter.

Spoon nests.  Cute!

Easy easter decor. Peeps are peepin'!

These are full of artificialness, but my kids would love them!

A great last minute easter decoration.

Source: google.com via New on Pinterest

Precious verse.  Sums up Easter for me.  Love.


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  1. Amy, DARLING Easter ideas! Thanks for taking the time to list them,
    Have a PRETTY day!

  2. What wonderful ideas! As for the bunny nails, I'm sure that the nail polish pens would work to create them!


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