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Friday, November 25, 2011

Portable Puzzles & Lazy Winter Game Playing Days

I've written a post about portable puzzles before, but as the weather turns cold and we spend more time indoors as a family, I thought I'd share what we have been doing.  Today we are starting our tradition of puzzle- making.  Every year during Thanksgiving break, we get a new puzzle and try to finish it by the New Year. We are able to keep it portable and move it to whatever room we want to by keeping it on a bulletin board.  The cork on the board makes it harder for pieces to slip onto the floor. It usually stays in the dining room, house central, where we can sit for a few and leisurely work on it.  I find it is a great time to chill and chat with one of my girls.  It never fails, if I sit and start working on it, one of them will join me.  I love the memories we have made and conversations we have had while making puzzles, with candles lit and Christmas music playing!

Another way I encourage busy minds and hands is with a basket of card games sitting on a shelf.  My girls are getting old enough to play each other.  It is a great thing to encourage when I hear "Mom, I'm bored!"

I brought another shelf into the Living Room to put some board games on and also house some good family reading material.  We have a ton of great games, but I find if I don't have them upstairs on display, they just won't get played very often, unless it is a holiday.  I will switch the games out periodically as they play them so they don't get bored with the choices.  Boggle, anyone?

Back to the puzzles, we always take a picture of the finished product, which makes the tearing down process much easier on little ones.  

This puzzle is from last year.  I have vivid, precious memories of sitting there with my family and close friends, after surgery, working on that puzzle.  It was nice to have something to do while healing that was interactive and in a central location so I could be with my family.

~Does your family do puzzles?
~What games are your favorites?


  1. Cork board-brilliant! We have a 500 piece puzzle, but I am afraid to take it out just because we have no where to put it.

  2. I LOVE the corkboard idea!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Amy - hope you are enjoying a restful weekend with your family.

  3. I also love the corkboard idea! We haven't done puzzles in awhile, but this idea would make it much easier. Dr. Phil loves to work on puzzles. I follow his wife on Twitter and she posts pics ~ I would have never guessed. Have a great rest of the weekend! Blessings!

  4. Great idea that I can do. Good for grandkids. I am sorry you were so ill last year and so glad you're better

  5. What a great idea to use a cork bulletin board! I love puzzles but with 2 cats in our household.....need I say more?!

    It is so wonderful to read how well you are doing -- the contrast with last year that you posted was amazing. God is so good!

  6. Brilliant idea! I love puzzles, too, and was just waxing nostalgic over how I used to do them all the time when I was younger but now there's no room to. Perfect idea and great timing! We only have one table in our home - a small kitchen one - but I can shove the board under a bed when not in use. Thanks, Amy!

  7. What are some really great family games that you guys like? We have two young girls, 5 and 6, so do you remember what you would play when your girls were little?

  8. Cork Board? who knew? Great idea to try with my little guy. Much better my childhood family puzzle memories... trying to move it without breaking it into pieces or inhabiting a space for weeks on end. Thanks!

  9. We tried to start a puzzle this weekend too. Ended up just knitting and watching Homeland though. Can't get enough of that show!

  10. Very nice post. Storing puzzles is a problem. If you like puzzles and games you might like to look at my series on solving cryptic crossword clues. It has now turned into a daily clue series. This is where you can find the very first one http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/01/cryptic-crosswords-solving-hints-1.html
    If you aren't already into this sort of puzzle, give it a go. I find them much more satisfying than ordinary crosswords.


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