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Monday, October 17, 2011

Anti-Procrastination Tuesday #71 & A Giveaway!

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I'm so excited to be hosting a giveaway for Kashoan at KraftyKash.   She makes BEAUTIFUL vintage dictionary, atlas and Bible pendants.  I ordered one for a friend, I won't tell you the word I chose because she is a reader, but I was so very happy with the beauty and quality of my pendant.  

Aren't they gorgeous?  Here is more from KraftyKash Kashoan:

I started making vintage dictionary necklaces because I love words. Words can be so powerful. I love to hear why someone picked a certain word and what it means to them. I wear the word KARMA. Its a word I refer to often in my daily life. 

I ventured on to vintage Atlas necklaces. I love maps. All the colors are beautiful. I have had orders for birth places, honeymoon & retirement locations, and places where people dream of visiting someday. 

Recently I started making vintage Bible verse necklaces. I had a customer that told me she picked Proverbs 3:5-6 because they are her conformation verses from 1994 and are very special to her. 

The stories behind the necklaces are what makes me love what I do. I love hearing about how wearing a certain word, map location, or Bible verse close to your heart helps make your day brighter.

I am thankful for what I do and feel blessed beyond belief. 

For the latest updates: www.kraftykash.net
Retail Therapy: www.kraftykash.etsy.com
Follow me on Twitter: KraftyKash

Kashoan is offering $25.00 credit to anything in her store to one lucky person.
  How great is that?

To Enter Giveaway:

~Visit KraftyKash Shop & browse a bit

~come back here and tell me in the comments that you did!

I will choose a winner and announce their names at next week's Anti-Procrastination Tuesday Link Party, October 25th.




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  1. I love everything in the KraftyKash shop!!! I'm so glad I found it! I also "like" KraftyKash on facebook. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Hi Amy,

    Just found your site yesterday, so nice to meet you. Bless you for sharing you story.

    I visited the KraftyKash shop and made it a favorite and I liked on Facebook.

    Looking forward to getting to know you. I've enjoyed some of your links.

    Simple blessings,

  3. I love the discover vintage dictionary charm. Something about it speaks to me. I will now keep in touch through face book! Thanks for the introduction.

  4. I am a big fan of Krafty Kash! I have yet to own a piece of jewelry from them...It's hard to pick a favorite in their shop, everything is so pretty. I like them on Facebook as well. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. i really like the vintage bible verses - would love a John 3:16 for my daughter!

  6. I like her on fb, and I LOVE her vintage Bible verse necklaces! So special!

  7. I checked out the Krafty Kash shop & I'm going to remember her jewelry for my Christmas shopping! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. How fun! I'm keeping them on the list for Christmas gifts. I'm sure I can find something for all the girls on our list.

  9. Lovely pieces! I would choose either the knit or bloom vintage pendant. Thank you!

  10. These are so awesome - I'm so going to buy one even if I dont win...but hey being your sister has to get me some bonus points right? haha...fun giveaway!

  11. Browsed and liked on FB! I gotta say, I love the "imagine" pendant. Perfect for my mom.

  12. I browsed! They're all fantastic! I would love one that had the definition of "dance."

  13. Thanks for hosting! I'm all linked up! Susie

  14. I browsed and like on facebook(: ordered a pendant the other day, cannot wait for it to arrive!(:

  15. Love these pendants:) I really need the "Hope" pendant you have posted. I browsed and "liked." "Hope" I win!

  16. These are so cute. I really like the Hope pendant.

  17. i checked out her store and love the DREAM necklace. :)

  18. Liked it :) And I LOVE these necklaces! So amazingly unique.

  19. I am a new FB fan of Krafty Kash. :)

  20. The map pendant is my favorite by far, and I know exactly what city I'd request - Sevilla, Espana. I lived there a short time, and often think about it (and long to return!).

  21. Liked KK on FB & browsed the Etsy store, too! Thanks!

    giabao.ng @ gmail

  22. I really love her hope necklace, and now I like her on FB too!

  23. amychaffin@hotmail.com10/21/11, 11:17 AM

    I really like the krafty kash esty shop and looked at her blog as well. I plan on ordering whether I win or not. Thanks for the link:)))

  24. Liked KraftyKash on FB too! Love your blog! :)

  25. diane Winter10/23/11, 8:27 PM

    I loved the Krafty Kash necklaces......thinking about them for Christmas gifts! Thank you for showing them to us.

  26. I love these necklaces! I have liked KK on Facebook.

  27. I love her shop, recently ordered a pendant for a friend. Would LOVE to order one for myself! I already am a FB fan also!!


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