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Sunday, May 15, 2011

While I Slept, I Was Featured!

I love writing this blog.  It is a creative outlet for me and the blog community is a huge blessing to me.  

There are very few times when I just can't get to the blog, and these last few days have been one of those times.  Blogger was down for an entire day at the end of the week, which threw my post plans, then I came down with the same virus my 10 year old has been fighting all week.  I had to go off all of my vitamins and supplements for my most recent surgery, and I was slow to get back into the groove of taking them all again.  I think this made me extra vulnerable to her germs.  I am so very grateful that through this 9 month fight with breast cancer, this is the first cold virus I have had to fight!!  I slept much of the weekend, and New Nostalgia sat neglected by me.  

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged on this evening that there had been many visitors to my little site, despite my neglect!  When I looked at where these visitors were coming from, I was so excited to see that two of my most favorite sites had featured New Nostalgia!  

I'm Blog Of The Week @ Faith Blogs

What an honor and a blessing!


  1. Amy, that is so super awesome!!!! And they couldn't have picked a better faith blog to feature. So happy for you and proud of you!!! I really appreciate all you share and inspire! Hugs :)

  2. I love it when I get featured too. It is such an encouragement and I am so glad you got featured this time.

  3. I hope you feel better very soon! what a blessings to find out you were featured while you were away! You are well loved. Anne

  4. Yay I am so glad you got featured - the stuff they wrote about you is so true! Your life is such a blessing. Hope you feel better soon. Love you sissy!

  5. I found you through the Simple Organic site & am so glad I did. I love love love your blog & feel right at home here. :)

  6. That is awesome! What a beautiful blog you have here! Glad I have been introduced through your feature!

  7. I tried your coffee! Loved it! Isn't that the best, and for some reason it always happens while I am on vacation :). Guess I need to go on vacation more!
    Love you to pieces, and you deserve all the pats on the back you get!

  8. Great job Amy!! Trying the coffee this week ;)


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