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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

S'mores Love @ Domesticated Lady

"Mint" To Teach @ A Place Called Joy

"Aw-some" Teacher @ The Rachel Barry Blog

For A "Tea-Riffic" Teacher @ Domesticated Lady

Pencils @ The Rachel Barry Blog

Bloom @ Skip To My Lou

Treat Bags @ Did Someone Say Party?

Thanks "A Latte" @ Skip To My Lou


  1. I love your collection! Seriously. I just gave my daughter's teacher gifts this morning and I had already used the "bloom" and "latte" ones. Funny! We think alike!

  2. Many thanks for remembering the teachers! Teaching is truly turning into a thankless profession...at least from the adults (and kindergartners don't always know to be thankful for their teachers :) and this makes it very hard to NOT get burnt out on teaching. Okay, I don't think I would ever get burnt out on teaching, if all I had to worry about was teaching my students...I can do that, no problem...dealing with all the red tape and politics involved in educating students is the biggest, most thankless headache ever!

  3. These are PERFECT. Thank you so much for the great ideas! :) I love the first one the best. How cute.

  4. i thought i had some creative ideas... but these totally blow me away! thanks for sharing... i have just sent a bunch of my friends your way - i absolutely love your blog... and just found it yesterday!! :) :)


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