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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time To Garden!

I started a Square Foot Garden last year and loved every minute of the process.  I am very eager to get out there and plant some seeds, its about that time!  

I will be growing lots of herbs and greens this year.  I have been juicing vegetables for green drinks and it takes quite a bit of kale and spinach, so I will be growing both this year.

The following are posts from last year's garden:

Do you garden?
What is your favorite type of vegetable to grow?


  1. I love to garden! We do a lot of tomatoes, squash, herbs, peppers and cucumbers. My lettuce never turns out as great as yours! Your veggies look great!

  2. Hey Amy! I'm looking forward to getting into my square foot garden again, too. (Last year was my first year for it.) I love that we don't need to till the soil! Isn't it great?! I've been drinking a lot of green smoothies, too, so I'm excited to grow my own spinach and kale. I'm also hoping to fill one of my boxes with strawberries:)

  3. I love square foot gardening! We do mostly tomatoes, peppers and herbs with some early lettuce, carrots and radishes. Those harvest pics have my mouth watering for some fresh veggies!!

  4. This is super...I need to go back to the post on square ft gardening...I could do a lot if I bunch things up better...hmmm...

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

    If you get a sec, pop on over to Little Brick Ranch to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!

  5. This is such a totally awesome idea. I did something a bit similar years ago, but it was just a raised bed that was divided among the items I wanted to plant -- no obvious division markers. I like that this makes it so manageable. Thanks for sharing.

  6. love this. We might try this, this year. visiting from tip junkie

  7. I have been wanting to have a square foot garden this year but need to build the box.

  8. aaaa, just found you through Tip Junkie...I'm your newest follower. So glad to have stumbled upon your site. Beautiful pics!

  9. I just "pinned" this page on Pinterest. Really so excited to have found your page, just giddy! :)


  10. @Cheri-yum, I did all of those last year. I may skip squash this year, and have more room peppers! I think the key to lettuce is part shade??
    @Hi Marie! The no-till thing is awesome. Can u believe how great green smoothies make you feel. I am an addict. I have thought about strawberries, but we have a strawberry patch close and the kids love to go there every year.
    @Sweet Little Smoothie-I tried carrots last year, I loved them but I can get organic carrots for cheap here so I may save the space..thanks for your comments!
    @ Little Brick Ranch --I LOVE SFG! I think the soil mix is the key. No Weeding is THE BEST!
    @CAS-yes, I like order, so the visual divide helps. Thanks for commenting!
    @Kelly--do it! If you do, come tell me about it! Love Tip Junkie..
    @Kelsey--there are kits you can buy if you lack the motivation. I would follow the soil mix to a T, though, I think it is key for beautiful veggies! Good luck, let me know if you end up doing it!
    @Kindra--your excitement makes me smile! So glad to "meet" you. Thanks for the Pin!!


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