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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bean Art

My daughters had some friends over yesterday, and I took advantage of them being preoccupied by cleaning out my pantry.  Just as I thought "how in the world did all these beans get in here!"my youngest girl came into the kitchen and asked if they could do an art project.  PERFECT timing. I said "Sure, how about some bean art?"
We grabbed 3 types of beans and some earthy colored paper.  Paint brushes dipped in Elmer's Glue did the trick for sticking fun, and some popcorn to munch on was a must.  I encouraged the little artists to draw a picture with a pen first, then decorate it with beans.
Can you guess which one I did?  Hint..it expressed how I felt to see my girls create with beans! {Smile}
This project kept my girls and their friends busy for almost 2 hours!
I was so impressed with how they turned out, I thought they did a wonderful job!

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  1. They DID do a wonderful job! What a great idea, Amy!

  2. OH MY WORD!! I have the most creative little nieces!! Those are SUPER cool!! Bet my kids will be raiding my pantry after seeing this!

  3. Oh wow, what little artists!! I love this idea, I will have to let my kids do the same. Im so impressed with how beautiful these bean art works came out!! :) Thanks for the share.

  4. Oh how cute! I hadn't thought of that before. I have lots of dried beans I rarely use :) I will have to try this with my daughter. Of course, she's not even 3 yet so it won't be quite as pretty but thanks for the idea!

  5. Beautiful! They did a great job and are so creative, love it!

  6. Your bean art is beautiful! I've had this on my art projects list, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I especially like the contrast of the white beans with the darker paper!

    MY boys will adore this one on a rainy afternoon!

  8. @Marie-thanks! I can't believe we have never done this in our family, I remember doing it in school as a kid..
    @Jules-they take after their creative aunt and gma. Love seeing you comment on here. Love you!
    @Maria-I hope they enjoy it! Thanks you.
    @Busy WorkingMama-with a three yr old, it might be fun to just let her swipe on the glue, then make free hand designs with the beans, letting her put them where she wants. I bet it will turn out great!
    @jeana-you are such a faithful reader and commenter. So thankful for you and your encouragement!!
    @Cara-I kinda lucked out on the contrast thing. we always have brown left b/c my girls like all the bright colored paper. I thought the same thing when I saw how all the earthy colors look together.
    @Em & Lib-perfect for rainy afternoons! Thanks for your comment.

  9. How fun is that. Your kids did a great job!!

  10. Very cute!! I am visiting from Sassy Sites. Come on by and say HI! I love your blog! So many great ideas! I'm a new follower... :)


  11. Totally clever and totally cute!!!


  12. Wow - such creativity at a great price!

  13. @ melilssa, Sassy Sites, Erin and Julie-thank you for your comments, and thanks for reading!!

  14. pretty! i bet your kids loved it! come on over and link up to MMM!

  15. Love the bean art! It made me feel all warm inside remembering projects of my childhood! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I do love your post.
    thanks for sharing :)


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