Thursday, July 01, 2010

Harvest From My Garden

Sugar Snap Peas
Swiss Chard
Short Carrots
Lettuce Wrapped & Ready To Give To Neighbors
Our Very First Cherry Tomato
Carrot-My Girls Love Pulling Them Up
I honestly cannot believe I am having garden success!  It is so satisfying to eat something that was just a seed a couple months ago.  The lettuce & swiss chard get eaten at almost every dinner, and soon we will have cherry tomato abundance.  I will post pics of the garden very soon, you won't believe how much everything has grown!


  1. What beautiful pictures of all your garden goodies! I think it is so rewarding to grow your own veggies, and I'm pretty sure they taste a million times better when you grow them yourself!

  2. I'm so jealous!! I only have room for a little bitty raised garden bed at my house that doesn't hold as much as I would like! Someday I will have room for a bigger garden, for now I will just drool over your pictures!

  3. Wonderful! Looks good enough to eat!
    I plant the basics like corn, potatoes, beans, & tomatoes in my garden. I'm intrigued by vegetables like swiss chard. Can you share some recipes for preparing it?

  4. @Emily-thanks for the picture compliment. I try!:) Yes, there is nothing like the taste of homegrown..
    @Nicole-I only have 2 2x4 feet raised beds, plus 4 large pots + 1 herb pot. It is amazing how much I have been able to grow in such a small space.
    @Karen-you must try swiss chard! when it is young, the smaller leaves are great to eat raw in salads. when older, the large leaves are perfect for cooking. I wrote a post with a couple recipes, I'll post the link. The thing I love about swiss chard is it is a plant that lasts all season, and even will overwinter as it is a biannual. Here is the post url..http://amy-newnostalgia.blogspot.com/2010/05/swiss-chard-from-my-garden.html

  5. I sure wish I was your neighbor, I would be thrilled to receive a gift like that!!!

    Awesome job green thumb!!

    I can't wait till I can give my family a house instead of an apartment so I can really learn to garden :)


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