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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sugar Snap Peas & Bamboo Teepees-Update

Remember this picture (and post) from May 5th?

Well, look at these babies now, one month later.  
Pretty amazing, huh?  Just yesterday I noticed the first few snap peas, and boy, am I excited!  It still amazes me that this all started with a hard, shriveled up pea seed planted on April 12th. It germinated a week later and 2 months later it is turning into healthy food for my family.  Too. Much. Fun.

Sugar snap peas have been a SNAP to grow--easy PEAsy! {Couldn't resist}  I didn't even add more jute up the bamboo teepees for added support until this morning.  I'm sure doing it sooner would have helped support the plants a little better, but they really have been quite happy on their own.  I have barely had to water them, thanks to the rain we have been getting and a soil mix that holds moisture well.
I will definitely be planting another crop of snap peas late this summer for a fall crop.  I'm starting to really like this gardening thing!
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  1. How fast they grow! I LOVE container gardening!

  2. There's not much better in life than sweet peas right off the vine. Ours never make it all the way into the house. :) Lisa~

  3. This is a great idea-- we will be using it next year-- or maybe this fall if I do cool weather planting!

  4. Funny, I also posted about peas today...they are so photogenic. Your peas are looking just wonderful..it is all so magical to me. Seed in the soil and voila...food...and pretty food at that.

  5. Those are looking great!

  6. What a great idea. Everything in your garden looks great. I found your site on met. monday. I blog a lot about gardening and yours looks great. Happy gardening!

  7. I love your photos of the squiggly pea vines. They are so simple and beautiful. (I love your kitchen btw). Please stop by and get in on our glass vessel sink giveaway (last day!) if you haven't already. Jane F


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