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Friday, June 11, 2010

Links I Like #3

Everyday Containers, Up-cycled! Unrecognizable!! :: Dilly Dally & Flitter
I really like this idea.  I will now start saving cans of all sizes, and keep my eye out for scrapbook paper that will coordinate with different rooms in our home.

Being A Better Husband :: Derek Semmler
This was such a refreshing post to read. This guy gets it, doesn't he ladies?  He is on a mission to make his wife feel cherished.  Very cool.

One Hundred Ten Days :: Scribbit
If I had an extra $17,000, my children were grown, and my husband could go with me, this is what I would do.  It. Sounds. Awesome.

Thirteen Ounces Or Less :: GiversLog
Did you know if a package weighs 13 ounces or less, you can send it first class?  So I could send my little nephew a package in the mail, for a buck or two, as long as it weighs less than 13 ounces.  At Giverslog, she has a whole bunch of gift ideas that would fit this category, and claims that you can slap a label on just about anything and our US Postal Service will get it where it needs to go.  She has mailed things in TP rolls, water bottles--she even mailed a frisbee with no box, just stuck a label on it.  I should run this one by my dad, since he just retired from the post office--I'll let you know what he says:)

Got 5 Minutes? :: 5 Minute Life Videotopia
This is your "one stop shop for instructional videos and DYI projects."  If you got 5 minutes, you can learn something on just about any topic.

Eco-Friendly Wall Art :: ElleDecor
If you have some twigs, spray paint, a glue gun and a mirror, you can make this great looking wall art.

How To Convert Any Toilet To A Low Flow Toilet :: WikiHow
"The New York Times reported that a sealed half gallon container will save half a gallon on each flush.  If you, like most Americans, flush 5 times daily, your family of 5 will save 350 gallons of water every month.  These savings will significantly cut your water bill, too."

Chalkboard Removable Decals :: AllModern
I want to stick these all over my house to write reminders, love notes, Scripture verses and knock-knock jokes on.:)  I'm gonna have to wait for them to go on sale--or I could just pick up a can of chalk board paint and some stencils, but that would be more permanent and just not as much fun!


  1. Hi! i justed wanted you to know I love your blog and read it daily. Also I mentioned you in my blog today. Thanks for the ideas about the mason jars and the mud balls. My son and I have been loving them!

  2. oh lindsey, thanks so much for your encouraging words! I'm always amazed at the kindness of readers...thank you for reading and taking the time to write a comment. So glad you are enjoying it..


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