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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Saturday At Home

I love a day at home, especially a Saturday.

It is about one o'clock in the afternoon, and it has been a great lazy day.  Last night, before starting our Friday Family night, I rallied the troops and we did a quick whole house boogie.  I motivated them by saying "wouldn't it be great to wake up on a Saturday with NO chores to do?  Let's do it all now!"  It worked, and because of that stroke of brilliance on my behalf last night, today has been a lovely, LAZY day.

 It has gone something like this:

Eyes open. Ears hear major sister fight. Brain thinks "maybe they can work it out without killing each other." Fall back asleep thinking "either its a miracle they worked it out,  or- I might need a miracle to revive the one who lost" Wake up, feeling guilty that husband is up and I am not.  Read awhile in bed. Fall back asleep while reading. Get laughed at by husband because I'm still in bed-I love him! Get up, finally.  Make coffee. Look around to see a miracle-the house is still picked up.  Greet my 3 lovelies with a "good morning." Get reminded by lovelies that it is almost afternoon.  Ignore tinge of guilt. Pass husband who is doing the budget-I love him! Eat a banana and Cheerieos for breakfast at lunchtime. Sit at computer and read my blog favorites on Google reader.  Sip my delish coffee.  Laugh-LAUGH! at this blog post and love knowing I'm not the only mom who has tried this.  See that husband bought a new Wii game for our girls-I love him!  Hear girls squeal in delight. Answer some reader emails. Ignore laundry calling my name. Comfort little lovely who has run up from the basement with a large, oozing gash on her leg from a scooter.  Wonder why scooters are in the house. Get a band-aid.  Get over the shock that they are where they are supposed to be- for once. Kisses and hug for the wounded. Wonder if the kids have had lunch. Delighted to see child munching on a carrot.  Hear husband running on the treadmill-so disciplined that man! Ignore tinge of guilt- I have only exercised once this year. Decide to write a post about this "do nothing" Saturday.  Wonder if it will bore my readers to death.  Enjoy writing it anyway.  Wonder what I will do with the rest of the day. Decide to end this as my lovely yells from upstairs..."Mooooom, can we have lunch??"


  1. Happy Saturday! Even though I don't want to wish the years away...I can't wait until my little lovelies can wake on their own and deal without me!

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. only in my dreams ;)
    I think you should get a sewing machine...you don't even need anything fancy, ooohhhh they are fun!


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